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How Big Cardinal helps make sense of business challenges

Three principles in play

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Looking at influential relationships in an experience

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Developing strategies to navigate changes in the experience

Providing new perspectives on the biggest topics

Case studies

edible beauty supplements
loreal logo
What’s next in beauty supplements?

From clean food to clean beauty to clean chemistry, this comprehensive study of the beauty supplement category surfaced category dimensions, cultural trends, consumer dynamics and identified three future spaces to target.

Ingestible Beauty

gig worker desk
hp logo
How is the gig economy creating new ways for content creation, sharing and collaboration?

Looking at the big implications from a new way of working, this multiphase project shed light on key insights and emerging opportunities for HP's role in the global gig economy.

Innovating inside the Gig Economy

pepsi logo
Why do healthy morning routines start the night before?

Building a global definition of “Healthy Mornings” across six markets to set a foresight-driven agenda for PepsiCo Nutrition. The analysis combined cultural listening, trend alignment, in-person workshops and a global survey of Millennials.

Future of the Healthy Morning

ABInBev logo
What might disrupt the (near) future of craft beer?

Forming the centerpiece of ABInBev’s annual Brewers Collective meeting, this interactive work was designed to bring leadership up to speed on cutting edge 2019 trends and scanning the horizon for inspirational examples to lead innovation in three white-space 2020 areas.

Beyond Craft Beer

Discovery logo
What will the television industry look like in 5 years?

An investigation in four unique global markets representing the mainstream present of TV, the demographic future of TV, the tech future of TV, and the emergent present of TV, Discovery used this rich portrait to roadmap their planning and acquisition strategy.

Future of Television

EA logo
Is Gaming the future of Entertainment?

Creation of a global trends program built around disruptive cultural forces impacting the gaming landscape and activities of gamers, providing strategic alignment for EA's Marketing, development and publishing teams.

Gaming Trends Program

23andMe logo
What does DNA tell us about Race?

With a history of racial discriminaiton and exploitation in medical research, quesitons of trust loom large. Leveraging social and cultural listening techniques, the takeaways gave 23andMe strategic insight into the current conversation.

Reconciling Genetics and Diversity

hasbro logo
Will face-to-face games remain a viable business?

Exploring the forces shaping gaming culture, this collaborative project delivered a transformative vision of different business models, go-to-market strategies and fresh thinking for Hasbro's games division.

Future of Face-to-Face Gaming

samsung logo
How is the role of home changing for modern American families?

Helped Samsung’s appliance division create a better future at home with a marketing playbook built around 6 shifts for connecting with today’s homeowners.

Changing Role of Home

hormel logo
Can food that moves you also move with you?

Exploring the shifting landscape of “portability” and “protein,” this work identified the next-wave of protein sources and gave Hormel insight to make investment in emerging plant-based diets.

Future of Portable Protein

loreal logo.
How can a niche brand create a new product category?

A deep dive into Outdoor Sports culture to find ways Buff can improve its brand conneciton with enthusiasts. Part of a larger global assignment redefining the mutlifuncitonal headwear brand.

Improving Brand Communication

Reading between the Rules

Working with Big Cardinal

The cardinal is one of the most recognizable birds in nature. They stand out in a complex landscape and once you know how to identify them they are hard to miss. Big Cardinal was created with this in mind: high visibility, strategic wayfinding to help businesses navigate their own complex landscapes.

Big Cardinal studies the interconnectedness of businesses, markets, technologies and people – going beyond what meets the eye. Big Cardinal's founder Ken Habarta brings over 15 years in market research and strategic foresight to create knowledge from complexity.

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Ken Habarta, founder